What is Project 18?

Project 18 is a project designed to learn more about young people as they transition into adulthood. The goal is to follow a group of people to learn about their lives and experiences.

What do you gain from Project 18?

Participants are helping to change the way that services are designed and delivered to people like themselves. The information that we gain from Project 18 will help create programs that are effective and appropriate for young people. Participants will be given $390 over the course of the study. They will also receive free periodic HIV/STI testing and referrals, resources, and services for health and well-being in the New York City area.

Why are we doing Project 18?

We think the years as people transition into adulthood are a crucial time. Project 18 will help us understand the actions and feelings of adolescents. Knowing what’s really happening with young people will help agencies design programs that best support their health and well-being.